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Leslie - NYC Area

Art, Design, Photography

"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel


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It's Complicated

Katrin Fridriks - Redlight, 2005

Matthew Brandt - La Brea B2, 2013


Andy Denzler (Zurich based artist) Oils on Canvas

Andy Denzler (Zurich based artist) Oils on Canvas

Fabio Magalhaes (b. 1982, lives and works in Salvador) Obras Independentes, 2013

Kim_Sung_Jin (b. 1973, South Korea) Photo Realistic Paintings

Flóra Borsi | On Tumblr  (Budapest, Hungary) 2014


Joshua Bronaugh (USA) Paintings, 2010

Paul Bennett (UK) Landscapes, 2014

Karen Woods (Seattle, Washington) Photorealistic Oil Paintings, 2014

Lisa Adams | On Tumblr (b. 1955, USA) Various Works

Sara Zin (b. Korea) Transformation Series

Frauke Klinkforth, 2012

Joshua Bronaugh (USA) Paintings, 2010

Carmen Giraldez (b. 19766, Spain)