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Leslie - NYC
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"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

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It's Complicated

Jesse Draxler (NYC) Oak

Street artist, Aryz (Barcelona)

Thomas Donaldson, 2014

Alexandra Levasseur (b. 1982, Canada) Various Works of 2013

J. Powers Bowman (USA) The Collaborative Mind, 2014

Sarah Harvey (London, UK based artist) -  Water Paintings

Collages by Derrick Tyson

Andy Chen (b. 1977, China) - Distance02

Taylor Allen (NJ based Artist) Various Works

Emma Hack (b. 1972, Australia) Wallpaper Series


Yasmine Nachabe; Found Objects 2012


Shaun Ferguson (UK)

The majority of Shaun Ferguson’s wonderfully atmospheric and sensitively expressed paintings are inspired by the figure, and usually this is the figure caught in a quiet, contemplative mood. His work involves an intriguing balance between subject matter, painterly considerations and interpretation, offering challenges and qualities that lift it well beyond straightforward portraiture, which in fact is never his objective. Interestingly, although he quite often adopts the conventional head and shoulders ‘portrait’ composition for his figure subjects, in seeking a more individual, painterly result he instils in the work a strong sense of energy and tension’.

[more Shaun Ferguson | artist found at zeroing]

Alexis Marcou (UK) - Noire, 2011

Cranio Dsgn | On Tumblr  - Thom Yorke, 2013

Andreea Anghel (Poland)