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Leslie - NYC Area

Art, Design, Photography

"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel


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It's Complicated

Lizzie Buckmaster Dove - The Alchemy of Blue, 2013


Honest Stamps by Dominic Wilcox

Paweł Fabjański  (Poland) Untitled, 2014

Alicia Martín (b. 1964, Madrid) Singularidad, 2012


Gottfried Helnwein (Los Angeles) Head of a Child, 2014

Karen Ryan - Fear Installation

Muhammad Al-Qatam, 2014


Lucas Zimmermann (Germany) Traffic Lights, 2014

Andrew Guenther (b. Illinois) Lives in NY, 2012

United Visual Artists - Vanishing Point, London/Berlin (2013)

André Feliciano (Brazil) 2012 - Camera Gardens

United Visual Artists - Always / Never, London, 2012

Luminokaya  (Visionary Artist) Stereo

Armin BlasbichlerT III, 2009 [Inception Door] - 585 mounted diapositives of Pantone swatches, laminated glass, wood frame | H 211cm, W 97cm

Allison Wade, Found Answering Machines