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Leslie - NYC
Art & Design Blog

"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

If you have any additional questions and / or are the artist of an image and would like it removed please EMAIL ME

It's Complicated

Sungseok Ahn, Korean Landscapes

Chris LaBrooy (UK) Intestine, 2014

André Britz (Germany) Elements, 2013

Street artist, Aryz (Barcelona)

Miguel Chevalier (b. 1959, France) July, 2012

Michael Eastman (b. 1947, USA) Urban Luminosity

Perry DeGennaro (Perth-based)

Youku (Japan based) 100 Sea Animation Diorama

Filippo Minelli  (b. 1983, Italy) Contradictions

Dan Flavin (b.1933, New York) Various Works

Floto + Warner (NYC)

Zimoun, (b. 1977, Switzerland) Cardboard Elements, 2012

Bing Wright (b. 1958, Seattle)  Broken Mirror / Evening Sky, 2012

Filippo Minelli (b. 1983, Italy) 2013

Jeongmoon Choi (Korea) Light Drawings II - Verwicklung, 2007