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Leslie - NYC
Art & Design Blog

"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

If you have any additional questions and / or are the artist of an image and would like it removed please EMAIL ME

It's Complicated

Jenny Holzer (b. 1950) Inflammatory Essays, 1979-1982

Brian Day ’Noir’

Sungseok Ahn, Korean Landscapes

Chris LaBrooy (UK) Intestine, 2014

Polina Washington (Russia) 2012- 2014

André Britz (Germany) Elements, 2013

Jesse Draxler (NYC) Oak

Isabelle Philips-Decramer (France)

Street artist, Aryz (Barcelona)

Miguel Chevalier (b. 1959, France) July, 2012

Michael Eastman (b. 1947, USA) Urban Luminosity

Kilian Schönberger (Germany) The Clouds II,  2014

Perry DeGennaro (Perth-based)

Lawrence Weiner (b. 1942) Fire and Brimstone Set In A Hollow Formed By Hand, 1988

Youku (Japan based) 100 Sea Animation Diorama