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Leslie - NYC Area

Art, Design, Photography

"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel


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It's Complicated

Suren Manvelyan :(Amenia) Your Beautiful Eyes, 2010

Nika Holodnaya | On Tumblr

Kris J B Photography

Mark Tipple - Chaos of Waves from Below

Cerise Doucede : Invitation au Voyage

Fabian Oefner (Switzerland) Aurora - Flame Sculptures, 2014

Oleg Oprisco [Ukraine based photographer] Works from 2013-14

David Zwirner (b. 1965, Japan) Time Out London, Yutako Sone

"There’s something about rock that just begs to be carved and chiseled  Maybe it’s to do with the arrogance of mankind that we need to manipulate the hardest of substances, that we allow nothing to be the master of us. From Stonehenge to Mount Rushmore, Michelangelo’s ‘David’ to Marc Quinn’s Fourth Plinth statue of Alison Lapper, humans have been stamping their artistic vision on to stone for millennia.  The sculptures are also permanent images of impermanent places. Cities grow, change and sometimes even sink (ciao, Venice). Sone’s work manages brilliantly to walk a beautiful artistic tightrope between the powerfully permanent and dangerously fragile. Sure, the sculptures are essentially hugely indulgent, preposterous and (probably) stupidly expensive marble versions of Google maps. But they really are quite breathtaking."

Katharine Morling (UK) 2014


Kim_Sung_Jin (b. 1973, South Korea) Photo Realistic Paintings

Jeppe Hein - Frequency Watercolors, 2013 : on 39 1/3 x 39  1/3 inches (100 x 100cm) paper

Kasia Derwinska - Dreamlike Landscapes

Andy Denzler, Oil on Canvas

Constant Dullaart: Stringendo, Vanishing Mediators

Oleg Oprisco [Ukraine based photographer] 2014 Works