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Leslie - NYC Area

Art, Design, Music, Photography

"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel


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It's Complicated

Mark Duffin (UK) Illustrator & Artist, 2014

Katrin Korfmann (Berlin) “Ariel Images”

Mark Tipple - Winter 2010

Jakob Wagner (Germany) Urban Zoom


Martin Kimbell (UK) Light Images II

Lukas Furlan (Austria) 2014

Lee Jung (b. 1972, Korea) ” Neon Text”

Irene Kane, Feather Boat, 4/2014

Katrin Korfmann (Berlin) “Ariel Images”

Oliver JeffersFathom & Gravity


The City’s Fireflies - 2013

The Cityʼs Fireflies is about the time when I first saw fireflies from a book. They were fancy, beautiful, and mysterious. I desire to express the beautiful sight for people who have never seen them before.

Sanghun Lee

Paintings by Jacob Jugashvili (Moscow)

Hodaka “Hodachrome ” Yamamoto (Japan) Double Exposures

 Dutch Docklands is currently working on a project of a floating 5-star hotel in Norway in one of the most beautiful natural surroundings on earth. The design is based on an ice crystal which blends-in naturally with the “winter environment” between the most beautiful fjords. The hotel with a diameter of 120 meter will have 86 rooms, conference rooms, spa & wellness facilities and is completely self supporting and self-sustainable.

Alessandro Della Bella (Switzerland) Supermoon