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"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

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It's Complicated

Vikram Kushwah: from the series Memoirs of Lost Time

Inspired by the romantic notions of childhood memories and the almost dreamlike nature they possess, Memoirs of Lost Time, a project conceived by writer, researcher and fashion designer Trisha Sakhlecha and photographer Vikram Kushwah takes you on an enthralling photographic and literary expedition. A biographical documentation of sorts, of seven creative personalities’ childhood recollections, this book captures not only what was, but also suggests a very imaginative take on what could have been.

Stories evocative of the intimate moments and bygone days of these personalities are embellished with wondrously staged pictures featuring the subjects themselves. Each chapter takes you into the personal and never seen before world of one of these personalities with a short story, an insightful interview and photographs, weaving in and out of reality, where you start beginning to drift into a realm of imaginative possibilities and yet remain attached to the facts that were.

Wonder, like curiosity, can make seemingly impossible things happen; it’s time for wishful thinking to have its due.

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    Vikram Kushwah: from the series Memoirs of Lost Time
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