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Leslie - NYC Area

Art, Design, Photography

"For all of my life I have needed more." - Elizabeth Wurtzel


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It's Complicated

Rice Gallery

"When we first came across American artist Soo Sunny Park’s gorgeous sculpture, called Capturing Resonance, we were blown away by two facts. One, that it was made by chain link fencing and Plexiglas, and two, that all the different colors emanating from it were the result of light being reflected and refracted off the Plexiglas squares. As she told us then, “There are no colored plexi used in the work. It is an optical illusion, depending on the intensity of light hitting the plexi and the viewer’s viewing angle, each plexi piece bounces color differently.”

Park is back with a new installation that’s even more impressive than the last. Called Unwoven Light, it’s similar to Capturing Resonance in that it’s made from the same materials however, this time, instead of being tightly squeezed in a corridor, it floats majestically in the middle of a large gallery space.

From now till August 30, visit the Rice University Art Gallery at Houston, Texas to be immersed in a shimmering world of light, shadow and color. Visitors are invited to enter the space and see how both natural and artificial light change when viewed at a certain angle or at a different time of day. As Park states, “We don’t notice light when looking so much as we notice the things light allows us to see. Unwoven Light captures light and causes it to reveal itself, through colorful reflections and refractions on the installation’s surfaces and on the gallery floor and walls.”

Photographs by Nash Baker 

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